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This time of year I very often see men and women have extreme issues with their hair and skin. It’s often a combination of flakes and redness on the scalp. This can cause itchiness and slight discomfort. The skin gets dry, similar to ‘winter’ skin and red in certain areas that cause sensitivity to any astringent or chemical put on the face.  Unfortunately, this may be due to the crazy weather we’ve been having. Pollen is at an all time high and with everything in bloom, hay fever is now happening sooner! To help ease your scalp, ask your stylist for a gentle, low ph shampoo. Guys, too, should also ask their stylist. Men have a tendency to have less hair as they age than woman as a whole. If the scalp is flaking or red, consult with one of our Salon True stylists. As far as the skin, Salon True uses a silk based hair color called Keune. Keune has a coconut derived cream that protects the scalp from staining which also protects the skin from burning. So, no worries if color gets around your hair line, where you are most sensitive. If you are still nervous, ask your stylist to use a barrier cream as well. It will moisturize your skin during your process.
It will also be beneficial to possibly make sure you use a zinc SPF on your skin and make sure you stay away from make-up that has talc or parabens. Emani is the facial make-up choice of Salon True. Emani is vegan and is paraben and talc free.
I make sure all of our products here at Salon True are not tested on animals, no harsh parabens, and are family owned. I believe this will help us during our choice to select the best product out there for you during these allergy harsh times.
On a personal note…I treat my allergies year round. I used to suffer for years, until I started treating my allergies year round. I took Vireo drops for a few years, because I’m literally allergic to every tree, mold, dust, ragweed, you name it! Now, everyday I take a 12hr. decongestant, nasal wash, and a 24hr. nose spray. Just thought I would share that little secret ?

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